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Antique Store

Randy St. Jean

Owner & Operator

I've been interested in antiques and relics since I was young! That's why I love the estate sales business; it's like being a gold miner and a treasure hunter. It takes a broad spectrum of experience and skills to manage a successful estate sales business,' but I'd say my greatest strength is that I'm a people person.

Jeanne St. Jean

Owner & Operator

I love having a business where my talents and efforts are utilized and appreciated. Although I have a degree in design, I also have a passion for supporting people in transition. I love so many aspects of this business it’s hard to pick my favorite part! I like meeting clients, setting up the sale, supporting families, selling and connecting with our buyers. Though if I had to choose, it would be connecting with people because when it’s all said and done, that’s what fills my heart.


Nancy Vogl

Sales Staff

I've been treasure hunting since 1955 and working with Randy and Jeanne allows me to be around beautiful furniture and unique works of art.

Karen Vogl

Sales Staff

I love helping my daughter out at her store and estate sales! I enjoy conversing about the merchandise and love creating a warm and welcoming environment.

mimli 2.jpg


 Sales Associate

Mili Franceschi is always happy and available to answer any and all customer requests and questions about consignments, donations, or purchases. For a responsible Sales Associate you can trust.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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